Tuesday, 26 April 2011

N.Ravi's rejoinder to N.Ram's defence story...

This letter was sent by N.Ravi as a rejoinder to N.Ram's defence of  TheHindu's coverage of the 2G scam and the denial of quid pro quo.

Dear Ram,
The Hindu of April 23, 2011 carried on Page 15 of the Chennai edition your refutation of a report that was not carried in The Hindu.  Fairness demands that you publish my account of the issue of the coverage of A. Raja relating to the Telecom licences and 2G spectrum allocation that is given below:

At the meeting of the Board of directors of Kasturi and Sons in January, I had specifically raised the issue of the biased coverage of the 2G spectrum scandal.  While Raja was in office, even as evidence was mounting and there were widespread calls for his resignation, The Hindu did not demand his resignation. On the other hand, it functioned as an apologist for Raja and even on the day of his resignation carried an interview with him on the front page, with the transcript published inside. In this interview as well as the one on May 22, 2010, there were no hard questions but only the obvious ones designed to elicit ready, scripted answers. The entire coverage up to the point of his resignation was tailored to make him look good.

This unexplained softness towards Raja contrasted sharply with the coverage and editorial stand on other scams including those relating to the Commonwealth Games, Adarsh Society and land allotment in Karnataka.  In those instances, The Hindu was quick to demand the resignations of Suresh Kalmadi, Ashok Chavan and Yeddyurappa even at a stage when the evidence was far less compelling than the material that was in the public domain on the 2G scam before Raja resigned. All the editorial outrage was reserved for the period after Raja’s resignation.

With regard to the advertisement that was published in The Hindu of May 22, 2010 along with his interview on the front page with the full transcript inside, records in the Central Government, particularly in the Ministry of Telecommunications relating to the clearance of this particular advertisement and of some others would go to establish by whom and how this advertisement was cleared.  Of all the newspapers that are said to have carried the advertisement, only The Hindu published a friendly interview and not the others. People in the media are aware that promotional advertisements of this type unrelated to any occasion or to any specific announcements are issued as much as rewards to the media as for publicity for the Minister. The Minister’s intention to hugely reward The Hindu that had been so friendly to him in its coverage was obvious. Publication in other newspapers was just a cover, it would have been untenable for any Ministry to have issued an advertisement to just one newspaper.

Yours sincerely,


  1. Let the brothers fight. Let the nation win.

  2. For Tamils to support him N Ravi needs to apologise publically for the anti tamil and sham coverage of Srilanka events when he was at the helm. Even anti Hindu religion coverage was rampant during his stint.
    If he comes clean on this,the whole neutral readers would support his endeavours to save the Hindu

  3. This is certainly a blog opened by someone who is closer to N.Ravi & Malini Parthasarathy (or by themselves). So, please tell us what the editorial policy of The Hindu will be if N.Ravi becomes Editor-In-Chief, and Malini Parthasarathy, the Editor?
    Will Malini's old Hindu-hating-cronies like Kancha Iliah,Gail Omvedt, Teesta Setalvad etc. stage a comeback?
    Why are you silent on this question?

  4. good questions to malini and ravi.Despite all the differences when it comes to SriLankan Tamils issue i think you all function as Hindu Undivided Family and support the present regime there.So please dont expect that many like me who are disgusted with Hindu's policy in this issue and its biased writings will support you just because we dont lkke N.Ram's support to that regime. Finally it is strange that Hindu which talks so much about media ethics, paid news is a divided house because one group has no qualms in suppressing another sans any ethics.May God save Hindu from you all.

  5. Mediathug, don't expect answers from N.Ravi or Malini. They deserve scoundrels like N Ram. They themselves sucked big time.

  6. I Love The Hindu and i had great regards to this paper until one of my friend who is a friend philosopher and Guide was asked to quit The Hindu with wrong allegations against him and they made sure he does not get a job by spreading wrong information about him. He did so much for The Hindu development of the paper against tough competition against TOI and DC and he saw to it that competition does not hurt The Hindu revenue. Mr.N.Murali believed people in The Hindu Chennai & Hyderabad who worked against him because they were scared about his growth and wanted to tarnish his image. Today this person has lost everything and is suffering because he did good things for the paper and stood like a phoenix to fight the competition. If they could do this to a honest person then whats happening to them is inevitable. What you sow you reap.I hope for the love of The Hindu i have they now at least realize who are there friends and who are their enemy.

  7. The Hindu is going to dogs with these rascals tearing it's reputation apart..

    The impression that Hindu gives an unbiased view was long obliterated with it turning itself into a mouthpiece for Chinese and Pakistani agents.

    The coverage given to terrorist attacks is not even one hundredth of what is given to Muslim communal rantings under the euphemism of minority affairs.

    The SriLankan coverage is ineffable... outrageous and obnoxious.

    Let these bunch of scoundrels die the death of bitches.

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