Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Save the Chennai based "The Hindu" Newspaper

The following letter was sent to the employees of The Hindu, the Chennai based newspaper on April-20,2011.
Letter from N. Ravi, Editor, on the recent happenings in The Hindu
April 20, 2011
Dear colleagues,
Even as we are entering the second, and what might turn out to be a prolonged, phase of conflict and turbulence in the institution, I write to seek your understanding.

In a shocking display of bad faith that has left me deeply anguished, N. Ram and some of the directors at the meeting of the Board on April 18, 2011 have sought to remove me and appoint as editor Siddharth Varadarajan who joined The Hindu in 2004. 

You are all aware that I have been working in a wholly professional capacity for several decades ever since I joined the newspaper as a reporter in 1972. During this period, I have been fortunate to enjoy your cooperation and help in taking the newspaper forward. After 1991 when I took over as editor, our team transformed The Hindu from a Chennai-centred daily with just one page of local news to a well recognized national newspaper with extensive local and state coverage spread over four pages, and attractive features.  We started a lively engagement with the leading issues of the day with extensive coverage and diverse viewpoints.  We sought to uphold editorial integrity, seeking accountability from institutions and public officials without fear or favour.

Though the economy then was not so buoyant as during the later period, between January 1991 and June 2003, the circulation of The Hindu increased from 4,52,918 copies (July-December 1990) to 9,33,458 copies (January-June 2003) or by 4,80,540 copies or 106.1%.  In the more recent period, The Hindu has been losing market share, and from being level with the Hindustan Times, it has now fallen far behind that newspaper. Findings from the most recent market survey present a depressing picture of reader perception of unappealing content and a pronounced bias towards the left.    

It is a matter of public record that N. Ram, Editor-in-Chief, was to retire on May 4, 2010 on turning 65 and I was to take over as Editor-in-Chief under the arrangement agreed upon.  However, in a shocking display of bad faith, Ram went on to renege on his commitment to retire and the whole process of editorial succession came to a standstill.
During the conflict created by Ram’s breach of faith, Ram and a group of directors on the Board removed the powers and responsibilities of N. Murali, Managing Director in a vindictive move that was overturned by the Company Law Board, Chennai Bench that also came out with a severe indictment that their action was lacking in probity, good faith and fairness. Barely four months after the indictment, Ram and his group of directors have turned on me with the same lack of probity, good faith and fairness and have sought to remove me and impose a plan of editorial succession that is totally at variance with the longstanding tradition and practice in the institution and is also contrary to the directions of the Company Law Board.

Almost a year past the agreed retirement date, his position having become untenable in the face of the Company Law Board order, Ram seems bent on taking all the editorial directors—most are in their 50s--into retirement with him with a scorched earth policy to ensure that no one in the family succeeds him. Instead of coming up with a succession plan, he and some of the other directors have come up with a plan of wholesale removal.  In a sudden change of rules and under the specious plea of separating ownership from management, along with my removal as editor, Nirmala Lakshman is to be forced to “step down” as joint editor and Malini Parthasarathy as executive editor.

Apart from the basic unfairness of the removal, the move seeks to entrench several of the distortions that have crept into the editorial framework since 2003 when Ram was appointed Editor-in-Chief by stealth over the protests of four of us.  Among the issues that I have raised with the other directors during the discussions in the Board and outside are: the unmerited coverage of certain political favourites on specific directions; excessive coverage of the activities of the left and some of its leaders; for reasons that are bound to emerge sooner rather than later, turning the newspaper into an apologist for A. Raja through the 2G scam coverage, remaining deafeningly silent on his resignation in the face of mounting evidence even when demanding the resignation of Suresh Kalmadi, Ashok Chavan and Yeddyurappa in similar circumstances;  pronounced pro-China tilt, blacking out or downplaying any news that is less than complimentary to the Chinese Communist regime; and contrary to the practice in any mainline newspaper, the Editor-in-Chief indulging in an unceasing self-glorification campaign, publishing his own ribbon cutting pictures and reports of his activities and speeches with a regularity that would put corporate house journals to shame.

The Hindu as an institution had in the past valued its editorial integrity over all else.  In the recent period, editorial integrity has been severely compromised and news coverage linked directly to advertising in a way that is little different from paid news.  A meaningless distinction has been sought to be made between walls and lines, and the walls between editorial and advertising are sought to be replaced by “lines” between them. Very recently, those of us who were not privy to the deal making learnt to our shock that a major interview with A. Raja in defence of the telecom licensing policy published on May 22, 2010—that was referred to by the Prime Minister in his press conference--involved a direct quid pro quo in the form of a full page, colour advertisement from the Telecom Ministry that was specially and hurriedly cleared by the Minister personally for publication on the same day in The Hindu. The contrast between such a deed and pious editorial declarations including the campaign against paid news cannot be starker. To continue with such practices, the editorial structure is sought to be changed, with the editor being made subordinate to an executive board comprising a majority of business side executives. The undermining of the primacy of the editorial function is an attack on the very soul of The Hindu.  In the context of these distortions that have crept into actual practice, the high sounding code of editorial values that is sought to be publicised now would seem no more than empty rhetoric.

This round of turbulence comes at a time when all manner of investors are looking to gain influence and control over the media, and competition is increasing with newspapers striving to attract the attention of readers through better, more contemporary and enriched content. As part of the journalistic team, all of you have contributed so much to the growth of The Hindu and are vitally interested in the task of moving forward in a highly competitive environment even while observing the highest standards of editorial integrity. I feel strongly that when a distorted picture has emerged based on selective leaks, information on the happenings cannot be restricted to the confines of the boardroom and all the journalists as stakeholders need to be taken into confidence. 

It is in this spirit that I am sharing my views with you all. I also write to you with the confidence that the unfair and untenable move will not be allowed to prevail. In the task of upholding the editorial principles that are so dear to all of us, I appeal for your support and understanding. 

Yours sincerely,
N. Ravi   


  1. Mr Ravi,

    Your anguish and anger is well understandable, if you had also pointed out the support given to Sri Lanakan War crimes by The Hindu. Were you also party to it..?

  2. Very painful and distressing.....

  3. Why we have to "Save the Hindu" ? As Mr.Ravi have clearly exposed it as an Insider, “The Hindu” was not functioning as a Honest Media house. But as a Propaganda machine for the Left, Chinese and the Corporate.

    There are many facts which Mr.Ravi chose to overlook. Few samples...

    - SriLankan Government recognized Mr.N.Ram for his Service to Srilanka with "SriLankan Ratna" Award. His service being using "The Hindu" to write Editorials Advancing Srilankan Agendas

    - Hindu worked/working as a Mouth Piece of the Sinhalese Chauvinist Rajapaksae Regime. Exclusive interviews which were indeed propaganda's of Rajapaksae was published only in “The Hindu”.

    - Hindu continuously propagates its mischievous agenda about Indian Fishermen killing and the Indian Tamil Fishermen right to Kathchatheevu

    Unlike Indian Express or Deccan Chronicle, Hindu always worked with a Political Agenda. The News items were always distorted to propagate its opinions (which Mr.Ravi have also exposed in this article)

    So, give us some valid reason to Save the Hindu ? What was Mr.Ravi doing in the Editorial and Board when N.Ram was advancing his Agenda.

    If Mr.Ravi was just N.Ram's "yes man" without any independent stand, then why anyone have to support him to save the Hindu ?

    - Sasi

  4. Sir,

    The point is all this was running around as "rumours with base" and today you have made

    this clear and put everything in black and white too.

    Can understand the predicament in which you and your friends have been placed! By the way

    who is this goddamn Ram's counsel.May his tribe face a decline of sorts and ultimately disappear from this world!

    Let us hope something will strike Ram and make him function in a manner wiser than the way

    he has been doing so far. I trust Sri Murali must have also tolerated this kind of needless

    ignominy that you have been forced to face today. How I wonder if you had continued in

    Harvard sort of Institute. I guess you people wanted to guard The Hindu from any kind of

    onslaught from without. But lo and behold! - it has come from within!

    In fact some of your long-standing customers have stopped subscribing to The Hindu,

    branding it an English-Murasoli or continue to buy the newspaper in spite of themselves.

    Quite annoying was the long interview with A Raja and equally revolting was the interview

    with that decimating personality viz, the man-eater of SriLanka, Rajapakse. And that too by

    Ram himself? To say the least, I have not bothered to read either.

    Let us hope and pray (if need be) that wise counsel will prevail upon the powers that be

    and things would change for the better. But will it happen?
    I wish it does, willy-nilly.

    I still admire your tolerance and Sri Murali's too.

    with regards and hope,
    a newspaper man.

  5. With all due respect, sir, The Hindu is nothing but a commie mouthpiece and offlate the integrity of the paper has also been questioned by if the Hindu dies a slow one will be concerned...

  6. I didn't really red this post, beyond the title.

    I don't think 'Hindu' will be let to die. But in case, if HIndu dies, that is good for many reasons. Not just because Hindu is propagating a most venomous, racist propaganda(particularly with the Srilankan issue), but for its influence with the so called progressives in India.

  7. Hindu has been promoting and supporting the case of current SriLankan regime and has been supporting the regime in China.Its biases are so onbvious now that a regular reader will be only surprised if the Hindu writes something condemning the regime in SriLanka.Still despite all such biases and subtle and not-so subtle propaganda Hindu remains as a paper one can trust in many other issues.It needs to be saved
    from Ram&gang and it should atone for all the
    commissions and omissions committed. It needs
    to reorient itself and restore objectivity in
    reporting and coverage.If this is the agenda of Murali and Ravi many will support them. Otherwise it will be yet another battle among relatives for control over a declining media
    house.In such an event Hindu will become yet another Statesmen, a newspaper with glorious past, dubious present and uncertain future.Does any one take statesmen seriously today.Hindu will meet the same fate in less than a decade or so, if this trend continues.

  8. Also look at Hindu's position towards Tibet. Here the newspaper really a organ of fascist regime in china. shame

  9. I am an old foggy who have been reading The Hindu for ages. I don't know whether the letter purported to have been written by Ravi is genuine, and whether my comments will reach Ravi. But, I cannot hold myself from posting my comments.
    Ravi conveniently puts the blame for the downfall of The Hindu on Ram. But the truth is that the rot began when Ravi took over as Editor in 1991. To be more precise, when Ravi appointed Malini Parthasarathy as the Executive Editor. "The distortions that have crept into the editorial framework..." that now Ravi talks of, began during Malini's regime. The left began getting disproportionate coverage during her regime. The Hindu became an anti-Hindu news paper during her regime. The likes of Kancha Ilaiah, Gail Omvedt, Teesta Setelvad etc, had the monopoly on the edit and op-ed pages during her regime. As Editor of the paper Ravi was a complete failure to check this rot. It was actually to "rectify the aberrations that have crept into the editorial policy" that Ram was brought in as Editor-In-Chief in 2003. But, the cure proved to be worse than the disease. Going by the comments appearing in media, Malini is quite unapologetic about her reign and see the period of her executive-editorship as the glorious period of The Hindu.
    However hard Ravi may try to portray it as a 'dharmayudha', this is only a battle among family members over the family heirloom. The interest of millions of readers never figure in the concerns of the Kasturi family.
    The Hindu was famous all over the world for the legendary loyalty of its readers to the paper. During the last two decades, Ram, Ravi, Malini and their ilk, have done everything to waste away that loyalty. It was a feat of unbelievable arrogance typical of the India rich class - a class to which the Kasturi family belongs.

  10. Hindu is a favorite newspaper for many readers like me, not only because of news coverage, but also because of good language. Hence it is a matter of concern, the current trouble brewing in the top management. I sincerely hope that all problems would be resolved in the best possible manner soon...

    Madhu Murthy K V

  11. I wonder why people cry foul only when their own comfy position is rattled ? Why wasn't this blog created back when all this supposed decline of the integrity of the Hindu began ?

  12. So far people used to think The Hindu as the ideal newspaper. Now its true colours exposed!

  13. Hindu under Ravi and Malaini Parthasarathy was far better though there were shortfalls. while Ravi never interfered in editorial, Ram's cronies like P.Jacob blatantly interferes in Editorial to ensure pro-left, pro-christian policies. Loyal talented employees are leaving or being harassed and ousted.

    An incident that occurred in Kerala allegedly involving a family member of The Hindu was published in Janmabhoomi daily in 2004 causing much shame to Ram. The Hindu did not respond to the report.

    Reporters in The Hindu say of their stories being distorted or killed to suit propaganda journalism. Many journalists are harassed and coerced to follow the new line of paper.

    If Ravi and team are earnest they will get enough information to fight Ram and his left-evangelist agenda

  14. Please remember that whatever Ram writes is 24-karat gold if you get what I mean. So the answers are available only in AKG Bhavan. And of course in Anna Arivalayam. Remember, Kanimozhi, the great poetess and savior of Tamil culture and journalism and pretty much everything else worked as an Asst. Editor in Ram's Augean stables.
    Where shall we get Hercules from?

  15. I was a regular reader of The Hindu, once upon a time. But I stopped reading it and I encourage all my friends and family to boycott it. Looks like the campaign by people like us is working, looking at the receding readership figures as Mr.Ravi reveals. The Hindu has been playing 'divide and rule' policy on several Tamil issues including the Eelam struggle. Nobody can miss the anti-Tamil stand by The Hindu between the lines. Now the same thing is coming back to their own family. What you sow that you reap. முற்பகல் செய்யின் பிற்பகல் விளையும். This is just the beginning!

  16. it is a nostradamus prediction-a new trend:paid news will be a print media norm.

  17. Ravi seem to have been wise suddenly,Self preservation? It was during his time the paper started aligning politically.I changed to Times and find much better coverage and balance.
    Maay be end of the day Ram will change the name "Hindu" but the other 2 brothers did nothing,till they became in secure.I dont really care about this paper,Ram played his bit in closing the sports Mag decades back and many lost their job,so he can prove he is socialist
    and go to USA

  18. The Hindu is an advertisement bit notice newspaper. Nothing more than that. It takes 4 min. to read it, including 2 mins, to turn the pages. So, Why bother?
    As youngsters we were told to read The Hindu to improve our English. No more.

  19. Hindu is moving towards its natural death. We are happy to know that atleast now N. Ram, an agent of anti national elements is exposed. There should be a watch dog to check and expose the activities of media people. This news is a real eye opener for all Indians and to learn how English media syndicate is targeting and tarnishing nationalist movements and organisation to make their foreign masters happy.

  20. Mr Ravi, I love The Hindu. That's my favourite paper. But your letter also sounds like sour grapes. Would raise the same standard of anguish if the paper were to turn right? or finish off Sri Lankan Tamils?
    It's fight between brothers. It's family feud. But, sure, save The Hindu. You, brothers and family, slug it out among yourselves. But for us, save The Hindu from full-front page advertisements, two front pages, marketing news, smear-campaigns! Please!

  21. Hi, kanak, I am touched by your optimism for
    The Hindu. Perhaps you are very young. You say that Ravi never interfered in editorial. That is exactly what I accuse him of. As Editor of The Hindu, it was his duty to ensure that the paper upheld journalistic ethics, when Malini and her goons went on a rampage. He miserable failed to do that and proved himself to be spineless.
    You whetted my appetite by hinting about some incident in Kerala in 2004 involving Ram. Please tell us what it was.

  22. When the entire media in India is Right what is wrong if one newspaper is Left. Should we have situation when The Hindu will also turn Right. The congress acted responsibly as long as there was pressure from the Left as part of UPA.

    The Congress and the BJP are always together when anti-people legislations are to be passed in the Parliament.

    However there is no dispute with regard to how the paper is compromising its editorial independence to get advertising money from corporations.

  23. Poornananda,

    Name ONE Main Stream Enlgish Media which is RIGHT. JUST ONE!

  24. Many years ago, it used to be among the educated elite that if they read something in 'the Hindu' it had some newsworthiness. But soon we found that the newspaper is a family run business with a vested interest towards China and Sri Lanka, and a very definite anti-Tamil stance, no one is reading it anymore, thanks to so many other credible sources of news we get from other respected media not just in India but around the world. The day, 'The Hinddu' is dead, is a day of liberation for the Tamil's News Media.

  25. i can't beleive this, that Hindu has done all these.

  26. Even if all the allegations N. Ravi has made are true,I think it is highly unprofessional for him to have made this letter public,thus washing the family dirty linen in public. Also,with all its purported faults, The Hindu still remains the best option for readers with its by and large unbiased coverage of events within the country(the comments on Sri Lanka by readers are justified I think). And a newspaper having a pro-Left stand does not mean it has to be condemned immediately.It is a sign of it being a secular progressive news paper. At least The Hindu does not print gossip about film actors and have photos of barely clad women, and print of photos and reports about socialites at Page 3 parties, and discuss nonsense in the name of news.In the world of TOI and HT,as a long time reader of The Hindu,I think it is the best bet we have.

  27. The Hindu is a newspaper read only by retired people, and run by people who refuse to retire. The rest of the world has moved on.
    Hindu is dead. Long live Hindu !
    - Appu Raja

  28. The paper calls itself 'contemporary' whilst still living in the 1800's. I doubt if this newspaper has any relevance today. Hide the date and you can read any day's paper any day, and not know the difference.
    R. Balakrishnan

  29. Dear Sir, Thanks for giving the most happiest news that I have heard in the recent times. At last this AHindu (Anti-Hindu) newspaper is going to perish. With the kind of negative portrayal that you were giving for any kind of Hindu social movement be it the RSS, BJP or VHP or any news about some communal issues, it was always the commie, christian, congress view point and more pointedly to destroy any Hindu unity. I think you should take on your board the likes of Kancha Iliah, Neena Vyas, Harish Khare, Sonia Gandhi, Kanimozhi, swami Agnivesh, Teesta Setalwad, Rahul Gandhi, Karunanidhi, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, sister Nirmala, Paul Dhinakaran, Romila Thapar, SAHMAT, Veeramani (DK), etc and get subscriptions from their esteemed organizations. You can also get business advice from Ottavio quotrocchi and Hasan Ali. You can also get good backing from the corrupt and Pseudo secular politicians and pretending VIP's.

    Your founding father's souls would not rest for the blatant anti national, anti Hindu stance of your AHindu newspaper. Anything that is against the Majority and Hindu opinion, it becomes communal and anti secular and most of your coloumns would be devoted to it. Is there one positive article on Mr. Narendra Modi, the most dynamic, unblemished and the tallest leader of this Generation Next India ? Why ? As a leading newspaper and a bunch of intelligentsia could you not see that reality about a man who is single handedly transforming the entire attitude and aspirations of a State and a nation and remains an example of how a governance should be ? why are you always on the negative side on any article about him, RSS, BJP, VHP or any other Hindu or Temple issue ? Why are you always giving front page coverage to even the most remotest or stray incident of any personal problem that is later attributed to caste bias in order to tarnish the Hindu religion.

    You always support the Pseudo’s and Anti Hindu thought, thereby wrecking the basic social, moral and religious conscience of this great Nation. Your hobnobbing with and promoting the agenda of the commies, corrupt congress, the proselytizing christian evangelical groups and Anti Hindu groups are outright disastrous for you. Any Gen next youngster can see through your game, if he applies his mind for a moment. Your bad deeds have crossed a limit and today you are reaping its poison fruits.

    Thank God that this wretched newspaper is going to vanish. This is a good news for the Country and also for me. I had long stopped your wretched newspaper for its anti Hindu coverage and also told friends and relatives to stop it, which a few of them have done. I hope your fortnightly nonsense, Frontline, too vanishes ( or already vanished ? ) soon.

    I am going to celebrate the arrival of this Happy news with sweets to friends and relatives and also for myself.

  30. Hindu remains the same as I know it for over 25 years....may be there is a left bias than the other news papers in the country, which is not new. I would say, that this news paper still gives a fair amount of wide spread news (not views) from different perspective than others. I am happy that it has not turned into a glamour news driven news paper like the others.

    Ravi not getting a chance to run the paper, does not mean the paper has changed since his appointment was rejected by the Board on April 18 (just four days ago). Ravi is not seeking professional leadership....but family power under his control. Anyone can generate any amount of filth justify his own cause!!!!

  31. This makes me feel so sad and betrayed. From childhood, I have grown up with the image of The Hindu as an objective and well balanced newspaper. These revelations are causing one of the pillars of my childhood to come crashing down.

  32. N.Ram should be tried for warcrimes in Sri Lanka. It played the role of a fascist newspaper in this issue.

  33. Do you think ppl would come open hearty and support 'The Hindu' after its pro-SriLankan articles and agendas (instead it should have been criticizing the Genocide that took place in front of our eyes). After the kiss-politicans'-ass articles (u know what I mean) and the pro-Chinese attitude ... So what were you doing all those years ? Sitting idle or waiting for GOD to come and save the paper ? I guess you (or anyone in 'The Hindu' has any rights to ask for any help/sympathy/support. Time to Die fellas .. Time to Die.

  34. If "The Hindu" is not going to operate with and display a strong pro-Hindu leaning then I say that the domain name and the newspaper must be sold to a truly Hindu publisher and the current outfit must cease to exist.


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    NDTV CEO gives reply, Guardian responds

    Some questions for Congress’ Prince Charming

    When journalists turn brokers

    NDTV juggles funds, shares abroad, avoids tax

  36. This is purely a Family problem. Exposing individual's mistakes should not tarnish the image of the Great News Paper-'THE HINDU' Please settle the issues amicably and there wont be a situation to Save The Hindu...This is my humble request!

  37. Fire N Ram and the rest of the kasturi family, fire their collective hangers on and bring in fresh blood from among the many talented reporters they still have (there are at least a few left).

  38. The Hindu deserves a death but with a decent burial. Better bury it in one piece than with a hundred splinters. It has done service to the country but the family has betrayed the collective trust of its million readers. Now, Rest In Peace is the message from us.

  39. Hindu has lost all its glory even 2 decades ago. Atleast I use it to see the OBITUARY columns daily. Once the old generation of Mylapore goes away, HINDU also has to go.

  40. If Hindu wants to get large viewership and course correction it should position itself closer to Nationalistic party BJP. There is a space since TOI,Hindustan TImes and Maninstream TV channels support Congress directly or indirectly

    Currently the Pioneer is in that space but not effective

  41. Happy to know that Shri Ravi has chosen to spill the beans about things happening inside Hindu fort.The Hindu Ram who ruled once Ayodhya was a great dharmick ruler unlike this Hindu Ram and he is chiefly responsible for making readers to go away from it for its blatant Anti Hindu ideologies and pro chinese stands.Hindu has become like a garland in the hands of a monkey.So when that happens this is the only thing expected.Suri

  42. Dear Hindu,
    to be an avid reader of the Hindu newspaper has always been one of the best decisions i have made in my life... even though i didn't like your leftist bias, even though i am a big fan of Narendra Modi whom you hate, even though i detested your anti-tamil stand in the Eelam issue, even though i thought it was wrong on your part to ignore Chinese atrocities in Tibet. Despite all your shortcomings, i still feel the Hindu is among the best media outlets in India today, in the midst of TOI, HT, channels like Times Now, Headlines Today, etc. where getting quality news is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Previously my day used to begin only with a copy of the Hindu in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. I stopped that habit after your unpardonable anti-tamil stand and affiliation towards Sri Lanka.

  43. What we need to save is the 'idea' of what The Hindu stood for during the Freedom Struggle.

    The Hindu, after initial investigative reporting in the Bofors scandal case, succumbed to the govt of the day's arm twisting tactics and has never been the same thereafter. The Rams and Ravis - who have spinelessly kowtowed to powers that be need no sympathy from us. The Hindu has short changed its loyal readers for three generations like me. Now it is a family feud that is coming in the open not a fight for principles.

    If Mr N Ravi realizes what his family has done to multiple generation of loyal subscribers, he will not merely fight N Ram but do something to atone for the sins of betrayal.

    One is not supposed to hit a man down and out. So we can support Mr N Ravi provided he promises to change the image of The Hindu as a timid pro- establishment newspaper and restores its pristine glory as a fearless and independent pillar of democracy.

  44. RIP... (Rest In Peace)... Hope people will forgive you for your sins... Especially for your anti-Hindu & anti-Tamil stance. You don't deserve a place in HINDUstan & certainly not TAMILnadu. Maybe start your daily in China or SriLanka.

  45. I used to be a devout Hindu reader! Now I have a staunch dislike of The Hindu for it's anti-Tamil lies. OMG! Lying through the teeth against Tamils and sucking up to Chandrika & Rajapakse's war crimes and genocide of Tamils. Murali, Ravi and Ram were partners in crime along with RajApakse, Sonia and Karunainidhi! The Hindu does not deserved to be saved after the death of 100,000 Tamils in 2009 alone.

  46. Sad to see dirty linen being washed in public. Who cares when all news papers seem to be politically aligned and chasing the advertising dollars.

  47. The Hindu is made in china edited from srilanka..only printed in don worry about it.Hindu Ram will get money from Rajapakse and he will able to manage his factory(he is not doing as a service).RAM GO TO HELLLLLLLLLLLLLL.

  48. All this is sad reading. But I can say this for Ravi. When I was his Deputy Editor in the Nineties, he was as professional and as balanced as a "professional" editor is expected to be.

  49. பார்ப்பனீய பத்திரிகைகள் மட்டும் அல்லாது பார்ப்பன எழுத்தாளர்கள் கூட ஈழம் பற்றி பேசவோ, ஈழம் பற்றிய வாசக கருத்துகளை தங்கள் தளத்தில் வெளியிடவில்லை. இதே நிலை நாளை அவர்களுக்கும் வரும் தெய்வம் நின்று கொள்ளும். கிழக்கு பதிப்பு கவனிக்கவும். தனக்கு அரிப்பு வந்தால் மட்டுமே கதறுகிறார் இந்த மனிதர். இந்த கடிதல் கூட ஈழம் பற்றிய ஹிந்து பத்திரிகையின் நிலைப்பாட்டை விளக்கவில்லை. அந்த பத்திரிக்கை நாசமாக போகட்டும். இந்த பத்திரிக்கை அழிந்துவிடுமோ என்று பார்ப்பனர்கள் இணையத்தின் மூலம் பிரசங்கம் செய்து வருகின்றனர். ஹிட்லர் சிறு வயதில் யூதர்கள் ஊடகங்களை ஆக்கிரமித்து பொய் பிரசாரம் செய்து வந்தனர். அவரை வில்லனாக பார்க்காமல் அவரது 'எனது போராட்டம்' சுயசரிதை படிக்கவும். அதே நிலைதான் நமது தமிழகத்தில் உள்ளது. நாம் அனைவரும் ஒரு மாயையில் இருந்து வருகிறோம். ஹிந்து பத்திரிக்கையை காப்பாற்ற தேவை இல்லை.

  50. If Ravi is to believed, it is a sad state of affairs for a paper I have respected for its analytical content rather than the cliché "objective reporting".

    I agree that The Hindu's blind support for China, Sri Lanka regimes - which suppress dissidence - and at the same time extensive reporting of democracy and human rights issues elsewhere smacks of hypocrisy.

    Ram's Lanka Ratna reeks of blood of civilians as well as the brave journalists who lost their lives exposing the chauvaunist regime of Rajapaksa.

    Please put the Hindu house in order so that the paper's credibility is restored.

  51. Unfortunately Mr.Ravi, We are well aware of the fact that you are no different from Ram. If by any chance, you happen to be at a position/place where Ram is now, you will behave exactly like him in every important role a media should are as biased as him and no doubt you will also do no justice to the media, the so called 4th pillar of democracy.

  52. Forgot to add to my previous comment: So for us, it does not really make any difference whoever stays editor in The Hindu. So, I don't think, anybody really cares about your internal sibling rivalry.

  53. Better Mr. Ram and Mr. Ravi (Mariyathai veeru kidakku) divived asset. You will go to Sri Lanka start "LANKA THE HINDU" and Mr. Ram will go to China start "CHINA THE HINDU.

    You idiots all are paid Sri Lanka / China. But we paid from our packet and read your news paper.

    Mr. Ram you don't worry about this issues becausae MAMA RAJAPAKSHE promized you he will apy next 100 years every month 10,000 dollars. I forget you ask you MR. RAM. You received this month payment from RAJAPAKSHE or not because his situation very crictical. Today the UN REPORT comes to public view thats why i asked you.

    Who are trying to SAVE THE HINDU PAPER. Come all our tamils join together we will start compaign "DESTROY THE HINDU".

  54. i have been watching these changes in the hindu for sometime now.N.Ram's publicity stunts and excessive leaning towards Left is well noticed by the readers.but more than that i did not see any bigger problem is still the best newspaper in terms of content and voice to the dalits and the marginalized is not a crime atleast.they are trying to give their own views,and i think,its not against editorial integrity of the hindu.but definitely there is a need for unbiased news in the era of marketed news and corporate dictated media. still i believe that THE HINDU can be back if it regains its lost standard of impartiality.

  55. So in he Comming days we will hear that those who are fans of HIndu are fans of the left a very bad practice of professional ethics of news papers

  56. It is indeed a sad state of affairs. As far as its readers are concerned it is best that professionals take over The Hindu. To date it's the only readable newspaper in India. All the members of the family including N. Ram, N. Ravi and the Parthasarathy sisters are equally guilty of high-handedness and arrogance. All of them should leave. It is important that The Hindu survives, basically because it's important that there is someone to keep a check on fascists of all hues.

  57. Why should we save "the Hindu". Th newspaper ceased the day N Ram took, over, the coverage given to the Maoists/ Left is very distrssing. There are many paid news in the newspaper (Raja's interview... Ad from Telecom Ministry) etc..
    You are angry that you did not become the E-in C. Let " The Hindu" die and another better paper be formed.

    Ravi Kumar

  58. Ram is a complete disgrace, so is his war criminal pal Rajapakse. I have grown up reading The Hindu but now I can't wait to see this paper perish along with N Ram.

  59. PSUs are the the easiest to arm-twist, not just by the netas and babus, but by the media
    as well. A glaring case involves an oil PSU which had a petrol pump on prime land in Chennai
    owned by a media baroness of a large group now in the throes of a family feud. Although the
    land was contractually given to the Corporation, she for some reason demanded the land back
    pronto. The PSU demurred and dithered since it feared there would be questions from Vigilance
    as to why the contract was terminated without valid reason. The then Minister intervened and
    directed the PSU to oblige. It was made known that the baroness was friendly with the occupant
    of 10, Janpath. And soon a via media was found and the land returned. Muzzling media power !!

  60. Rather than saving this anti-Tamil , pro-Chinese newspaper which is a party in GENOCIDE of Eelam Tamils, I can hang myself.

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. You can notice in this letter that Mr.Ravi that he hasn't mentioned about Ram's pro -sri Lankan state terrorism stand,deceiving Tamil Nadu people about LTTE,spreading bogus information about Eelam Struggle,publishing false news about the Sri Lankan torture camps for Eelam Tamils[Welfare villages ,in the language of Ram's friend,the Sri Lankan state].From this letter It's evident that attitude of Ram and Ravi are the same and the forces behind them have the same view on the sovereign statehood or even just an autonomous state for Eelam Tamils.The Hindu team and the forces behind it are ant-Tamil.So Ram or Ravi will make no difference to TN Tamils or other Indians or Eelam Tamils.This is just their family feud.This is an anti-Tamil newspaper and will remain the same no matter who administers .Also let me not forget to mention that my father a M.A graduate was denied a job in THE HINDU for the sole reason he was NOT a brahmin.The interviewer openly told my dad they recruit only BRAHMINS.This leftism is just a mask worn by RAM and Co

  63. i always wonder why Tamils so idiots, 70 million tamils...thier capital is chennai. there is a mout road. Hindu is destroying tamil race from day 1.

    why tamils are like insensitive?

    are they chicken??

    i nver belive thse 70 million tamils can never save other suffering tamil kin n kith all over.

  64. I had read the interview with the Minister and was wondering if he was actually innocent, but listening to this revelation, I guess not!! I too grew up reading The Hindu and am saddened looking at the position it is in now!

    As always, lets hope there is a silver lining to this cloud!!

  65. Well said !!! i too grew up with THE HINDU ! what a pity it is not anymore what it used to be

  66. when the hell you the hindu will provide free e-paper like all other (times of india,hindustan,dainik jagran )?
    press was to remain free

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. The leftist slant is only a mask for covering the casteist institution that THE HINDU is. Just see the Friday supplement - this man (carnatic musician) given that award that woman (carnatic musician)given this award - all self-back-patting. How goods and talented these musicians are, god only can say. And, always the movies of Balachander, Kamal Hasan and Madhavan get a good review - others, no way. Yesterday newspaper had a story on freedom fighter Vanchinathan, but why add the caste name - is it to show that these people alone fought for our freedom? If Ram goes out then it would become truly a pappan news paper. If THE HINDU lives or dies, the non-pappan is least bothered.

  69. I Love The Hindu and i had great regards to this paper until one of my friend who is a friend philosopher and Guide was asked to quit The Hindu with wrong allegations against him and they made sure he does not get a job by spreading wrong information about him. He did so much for The Hindu development of the paper against touch competition against TOI and DC and he saw to it that competition does not hurt The Hindu revenue. Mr.N.Murali believed people in The Hindu Chennai & Hyderabad who worked against him because they were scared about his growth and wanted to tarnish his image. Today this person has lost everything and is suffering because he did good things for the paper and stood like a phoenix to fight the competition. If they could do this to a honest person then whats happening to them is inevitable. What you sow you reap.I hope for the love of The Hindu i have they now at least realize who are there friends and who are their enemy.

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  71. Ha..who cares if Hindu dies or not.The harsh reality is that the paper is read only by retired Brahmins of Mylapore,Triplicane and T.Nagar. The younger ones,incl Brahmins hav switched over to TOI. The circulation has dipped beyond repair. So it does not matter.

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